How We Increased Ohio Green Team's GMB Conversion Rate By Over 3000% in Less Than 12 Months!

OGT is a coalition of local physicians with a combined experience of more than 100 years practicing medicine. Given their volunteering and charitable efforts, Ohio Green Team doctors are highly respected throughout the community. The founders are early pioneers of the medical cannabis industry, having been involved in dispensary operations in Michigan and technology innovations in California.


GMB Website Conversions!


Increase In Conversions!


Increase In Website Visitors!


Their Challenges

Ohio Green Team is one of the founding Medical Marijuana Doctors in the Columbus, OH region! With that type of reputation comes a ton of pressure to keep up with new competition as it enters the local area, and then to even continue to compete!

Anyone who has lived in the Columbus, OH area will tell you that there are TONS of medical marijuana doctors in that city and surrounding suburbs, and more companies being started every year! That means a VERY crowded market, even for founding businesses like Ohio Green Team.

Because of this, Ohio Green Team was struggling to get found online. Not having a strong online presence in an extremely competitive market is pretty much the kiss of death for any local brick and mortar business. How is a business supposed to survive if people don't even know they exist and can't find any trace of them online?

Now more than ever, location-relevant searches like "medical marijuana doctors near me" or "Columbus, OH Marijuana Doctors" are being used to help customers find the best option in their city. After hiring Top Profit Digital, we quickly helped Ohio Green Team dominate the medical cannabis market using our Google My Business and SEO optimization strategies!


Our Solutions

After a few strategy sessions with Ohio Green Team, we decided that we wanted Ohio Green Team's website and Google My Business profile to blanket search results for terms like "medical marijuana doctors near me," "cannabis doctors near me," "Columbus, OH marijuana doctors," and so on whenever someone searches for anything to do with medical cannabis.

We quickly began work on optimizing!

  • We improved their website to enhance organic and on-page demand creation tactics.
  • Our team worked on their Google My Business profile to ensure that they appeared when people performed local searches on Google.
  • We cleaned, audited, and expanded data distribution and geo-relevance signals in the RIGHT places and in the RIGHT way to optimize their location data.
  • It wasn't long after our initial optimizations that Ohio Green Team began to see significant increases in visibility and traffic to all their online properties. Within 12 months of starting optimization, Ohio Green Team had increased their "Click to book appointment" conversions by OVER 3,000% with a total of 1,127 IN ONE YEAR, and increased their total website visitor count by OVER 7,000!

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The Numbers Speak For Themselves!

If you don't believe us, just take a look at the numbers below!

You will see Google Analytics data, keyword rankings, and form submissions for Ohio Green Team!

Over 3,000% Increase In Conversions In Just One Year!

Over 2,000% Increase In Website Visitors In Just One Year!

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